Privilege Ibiza


Address: Ibiza-San Antonio km 6,5
Localidad: San Rafael
Tlfn: 0034 971 198 160

Privilege is a true experience and a unique place on earth. It is the world's largest nightclub - intakes your breath away when you enter the venue. The 25 metres-high ceiling allows to present spectacular shows and gives enough space to house a huge pool inside. It's situated between Ibiza Town and San Antonio and the large windows offer gorgeous views over the island. Because of the size we are able to redesign the club for every night.

Privilege holds the Guinness world record for 'Biggest club in the world'. It is huge - you need more than one night to see everything the club has to offer. When you enter the main room you are surrounded by colorful lights and an extraordinary sound system. You don't believe your eyes when you see the hugeswimming pool and one-of-a-kind stage with erotic and artistic shows. Our garden is the right place to chill and the dome gives you spectacular views of Ibiza in the fresh air. But Privilege is also a bit like a chameleon - expendable decorations change the face-off the club every night. (he eliminado el restaurante, ya no tenemos)

Privilege attracts clubbers from all over the planet who like to really feel the spirit of Ibiza. Tourists and locals mingle with celebrities such as Puff Daddy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jade Jagger and Madona to celebrate the wild nights in our club.


The Ku club was 'The mirror of Ibiza', according the British TV documentary A Short Film About Chilling . And for many a decade, it has been just that. An open-air swimming pool wich became the biggest nightclub in the world, its history is the stuff of legends. This image is taken in the '80s, and one looks back with misty eyes at the innocence.

- During the '80s, Ku was Europe's greatest disco. Outrageous and hedonsitic, it was ibiza's open-air version of New York's Studio 54.

- It started life in the early '70s as a community swimming pool with a small bar that served mainly the San Rafael locals. It was called Club Rafael.

- In 1978 it was sold to three Basques, one of whom was the famous Spanish footballer Jose Antonio Santamaria.

They changed its name from Club Rafael to Ku after the nightclub they already ran in the Spanish town San Sebastian.



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